We are committed to promoting and preserving the principles and philosophy of Conservatism for current and future generations.


Faith, Family, Freedom, Dignity and Sanctity of Human Life, Natural Law, Belief in the Individual, American Exceptionalism, Limited Government, Peace through Strength and Allegiance to Texas, the United States of America, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitutions and our Flags.


Inform and energize everyone (regardless of party affiliation, race, gender or creed) that embrace conservative values for unity, growth and sustainability of the Conservative Movement.



Jack Wilson, he will speak about the importance of armed security in our churches, schools, and homes. Doors open at 6 p.m. 
Program begins at 6:30 pm at 
1410 W Pearl St. Annex 1 bldg.
We will have potluck so bring your favorite covered dish or dessert.