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Dear Conservative Friend:


     At our last meeting I announced that I was looking for at least 25 people, maybe more, who would agree to become a part of a Book Review Team for my political “thriller” called “The Truth about Open Borders.” 

     I need for the TEAM scan-read the book and then go to  to make a book review. The more favorable reviews we have, the better the ranking we have at Amazon, the better the ranking the more people will notice it, and the more people who notice it the more we can get the word out about what the Bible says about the borders of nations and God’s purpose for borders.

    The way it works is that once you join the team, I will send an e-version of the book to each person who joins the team that you can read it and then follow the instructions to go onto Amazon and make the review. After making the review, you will be listed in a future edition of the book and will receive a free, signed copy of the paperback version for your personal library of special books.

    If you were not in attendance on September 12 or didn’t have a chance to become a part of this elite team and you would like to join, please email the following information to me:


Send to:

Your name

Your e-mail address

Your cell phone number


    And tell me to add you to the TEAM. When I receive your information, I will send you the initial e-book and the instructions for the Review. 

    Thank you so much for helping us with this project. The objective is to get this book in the hands of as many Christians as possible even if we have to give them away.



Dr. Bill Miller

William J. Miller,

Ministry Director



PO BOX 1164, GRANBURY, TX 76048